Palmer Bow Works™ Bow Mate Elite™

The Ultimate in Arrow Protection & Convenience


The quiver is an essential piece of archery equipment and serves many functions. In addition to transporting your arrows from point A to point B, it protects fletching from damage and wet weather. As all shooters know, dry feathers make for true and accurate arrow flight for better shot placement. A good quiver should also allow you to remove your arrows with minimal movement and without flagging your presence. Keeping the bright fletching and cresting covered is a must to help camouflage your presence while in the woods. These features combined with quality, durability and a custom light-weight fit makes for the ultimate quiver.

The Bow Mate Elite™ Quiver System was inspired by the combined shortcomings of other quivers on the market today. This system unites the functionality of the classic back quiver with an innovative and practical design, resulting in the perfect arrow companion. Already a complete system, the Bow Mate Elite™ allows you to expand upon it with select accessories based on your individual needs.

Although each shooter has a style preference, the Bow Mate Elite™ will exceed your needs for a well performing quiver. You should only have to buy a good quiver once and this well thought out quality design is the ideal choice whether you shoot a compound or a traditional bow.


Made In USA


  • Light-weight heavy duty construction
  • Constructed of all waterproof materials that will not collapse when wet
  • Durable and water resistant fabrics offered in popular camouflage patterns for enhanced concealment
  • Included rain cap protects fletching from the elements and keeps them dry
  • Quick side-draw arrow removal achieved with minimal movement and without flagging your presence
  • Side-draw feature alleviates need to reach up and over your head, making it easy on your back and shoulders
  • Military inspired fully adjustable strapping system for a perfect custom fit for both right and left handed shooters
  • Large accessory pocket positioned at lower end for balance and ease of accessibility without removing the quiver
  • Semi rigid construction also acts as a great travel quiver
  • Multiple “D” rings included for accessories as well as tree stand hanging and hoisting
  • Two inches (2") of protective foam for broadheads
  • Liquid filled, strap mounted compass for convenient orientation
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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Made In USA

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